Kick the margin moochers to the curb.

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€ 10.000

€ 300 / month

€ 1.300 / month

€ 1.500 / month

Protect your profits.

At Kamfly, we think restaurants should be able to offer online ordering without sacrificing their margins. Some of our competitors charge fees up to 15% of total sales... We think your business deserves better.

Kamfly Premium Plans

Fair, scalable pricing plans to fit your restaurant’s needs.


25 / month
per location

  • Custom online menus
  • QR codes for contactless menus
  • Use your logos and accent color
  • Admin site for DIY menu updates
  • Unlimited number of locations
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100 / month
per location


2% / transaction

  • All Standard plan features
  • Online ordering via Snipcart
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer dashboard
  • Online ordering analytics
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  • Integration with your POS system
  • Build and design your custom site
  • Online & social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
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*This special COVID-19 pricing is subject to change, but existing customers will receive a minimum of two (2) months' notice before making any updates. As always, there are no long-term contracts with Kamfly.
Kamfly menus showing the light and dark theme options

Kamfly grows with your business.

Not ready to offer online ordering? No problem! With our Standard Plan, you get an online menu that looks great on every device and replaces paper menus with QR codes. Use this feature to update your menu anytime without having to reprint, and it only takes a few steps to enable online ordering when you're ready.

Delivery driver picking up an order.

What about food delivery?

Our mission is to provide the online experience that your customers want. You know your business, your team, and your brand, and we want to help you retain full control of the customer experience. We provide you with a polished online presence at a price that allows you to create jobs for delivery drivers that represent your business.